The breakthrough that propels you into your destiny may be just beyond the horizon of your trial.

In this course Created by Bill Johnson you will be equipped to pastor yourself well when you come face to face with darkness and disappointment. His dynamic teachings, mind-renewing activations, and motivating encouragement will tighten your grip on hope, offering you a broader perspective on your circumstances and, most of all, bring you one crucial step nearer to God's destiny for your life.

To Register: 

6 Week Series by Bill Johnson

Launching January 23rd 2018
Hosted by: Susan Britton

Moncton, TBA


7:00 PM 

Tuesday Nights

for 8 weeks

$30 for workbook 

Catch The Fire Moncton

Sunday Service:

Crandall University

SH rm 117/127

333 Gorge Rd. Moncton,

NB   E1G 3H9 

Wed Night Prayer & Worship:

Upper Room

108 High St, Moncton

NB   E1C 6B5


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